FESA creates a network between students and the business life, and focusses on sustainable collaboration to provide students an optimal route to the job market. Our study association aims to provide students with the possibility to reach their full potential via internships, projects, seminars and workshops. Additionally, FESA aims to create a community where soft skills is a key factor. 


FESA wants to contribute to the future finance professionals by creating a platform where our students can socialize, share ideas and gain knowledge. With these tools, our association wants to be the bridge between the student and the business life. 


To create a platform where companies and students can connect with each other
To organise workshops, seminars and lectures where knowledge, skills and expertise could be improved upon, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals
To organise social activities where networking is a principle matter, related to the Sustainable Development Goals
To create and maintain a sustainable informational platform where students are supported in study and business related issues.
To create a social platform where students can connect with each other and improve there soft skills
To offer internships, projects and graduation internship opportunities