Attention students

It is required to fill in your student email and student number correctly because without it we can not verify your study program. 
Please double check in case you misspelled your answers in the form.
*Note: Interviews will be held in regards to selecting the students for the trip in case of a large amount of applicants.
This interview will be a maximum of 10 minutes.
Expected during the trip:
  • Comply with instructions given by either the teacher or FESA member.
*Photo’s taken during the trip will be used on the channels of FESA/AC/FC/IFMC for sharing the experience of the trip and promoting any future . If a valid reason is given than an exeption 

Study trip Sign up

London-Sheffield  May 1st 2023 until May 5th 2023

Thank you for your application in regards to the study trip. We have recevied your application and are currently processing it.